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Landscape edging

Landscape edging

Landscaping isn’t the only way to make your yard look great. Landscape edging allows your lawn to look polished and turns an already beautiful yard into a more attractive lawn without the hassle of added maintenance. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, it also keeps weeds from overtaking your lawn.

Basically, landscape edging keeps grass from growing past the edge of your lawn which would result in a messy-looking lawn. This is can be done in a number of ways, one of which is through the use of an edger which makes a vertical cut on the grass. As the name suggests, the use of edgers is strictly for the edges of your lawn. If you attempt to use them on the rest of your lawn, you will end up with a ruined yard.

If you have a small lawn, you can make use of the cheaper and smaller edgers. You can even make use of vertical cutting shears. For bigger lawns, however, you will need a more powerful machine. These machines can run either on gas or electricity. The ones that use gas are smaller and can cover more distance than the electrical machines but they need more maintenance and cost a bit more. An electrical edger, on the other hand, needs to be connected to an electrical socket so the distance is limited by how far an electrical socket is from your lawn.

Another method you can use for landscape edging is placing other materials like bricks or plastic piping at the lawn’s edges, including walkways. These materials are available in different colours and textures so you have many options at your disposal.
To get the most value for your money, choose materials that last long, can be used in many ways and is easy to set up. Plastic edging, for one, is cheap, durable and flexible. Metal edging is another popular choice but they are pricier than the plastic kind and have a tendency to rust if they are not painted over. Brick or stone edgings, on the other hand, are very durable and can create a pleasant outline that gives your lawn a classic look. The benefit of using these materials is the fact that unlike when you use an edger, you don’t have to regularly cut the edges of your lawn.

The materials you used for landscape edging can also be used in other areas within your lawn, like around trees, flower beds or birdbaths. Not only does this look attractive, but it keeps harmful weeds away from your trees, allowing them to mature easily.

Once you have the basics of landscape edging down, you can start getting creative with your lawn’s borders. It doesn’t have to follow the shape of whatever it is bordering. You can choose to maintain a standard rectangle or square-shaped lot or spice it up by using any shape you like. However, it is important to try and match the style you use in your lawn to the overall design of your house.

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