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Gardeners are people who are involved in maintaining and growing of plants in the garden. Gardening is one of the oldest professions. Gardeners can be homeowners who are supplying food for the family from a small orchard or vegetable garden, hobbyists in their own gardens or employees in a nursery or large gardens.

There are different kinds of gardeners including landscape gardeners and garden designers who are focused on garden designs than the aspects of horticulture.

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies especially during the summer season. Having beautiful gardens can give pride and pleasure to the gardeners as well as to the people seeing them. Gardening is a good source of creativity and relaxation. In gardening, you can enjoy your favorite hobby without spending a fortune.

If you are just starting out your own garden, make sure that you stay within your budget when buying tools for gardening. Gardening tools should not be expensive. You can find great deals on gardening tools in thrift shops and garage sales. You can also try surfing the internet for more choices of cheap tools such as hoses, wheelbarrows and rakes. You do not have to purchase new gardening tools each year. Just make sure that you take care of your tools by cleaning each of them after every use.

To save more money on plants, you can visit some local resale shops wherein you can get quality and beautiful plants for free or with big discounts. Joining a plant society or a garden club is a good idea so that you can exchange thoughts and opinions about gardening as well as trade plants with the members. You can also inquire on your local plant sales outlet or landscaping crews about plants that they will no longer use.

Go organic and do not use harmful fertilizers and pesticides. This way, you can save more money in the process and at the same time, you can help save the environment. You can use simple homemade formulas to eliminate bugs in your garden instead of buying toxic chemicals. For instance, use vinegar in spraying on the problem areas in your garden to put off ants and kill weeds. This can also prevent animals from digging and walking in the garden. If you add one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar in a quarter of water, your flowers will last longer.

Have perennial plants in your garden. Perennial plants can be quite expensive compared to annual plants but they are more practical. Annual plants tend to bloom only once a year and you need to buy other new ones for the following year while with perennial plants. You only have to buy one time.

Get fertilizers free. Instead of buying fertilizers, use animal waste. Sawdust of wood chips is also a good fertilizer for your garden. Besides acting as brilliant fertilizers, animal waste and sawdust can also help in cutting down the need to water your plants. You can also use rotten yard waste and coffee grounds as fertilizers.

It is always best to recycle. Be creative and recycle the things inside your home to make fertilizers. You can use your empty milk container instead of purchasing a pail for watering plants.

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