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Gardening is like interior decorating. Gardens are like homes for your plants. They are typical grounds laid out with flowers, trees and ornamental shrubs used for decorations or displays. Based on your personal needs and interests, you have the resources needed to create your dream garden.

Gardens can be a mix and match of natural and man-made materials. They are used for relaxation, planting and growing useful produce for cooking and decorating. Historical gardens bear influences of the medieval, colonial, Victorian and Moorish era where water and courtyard features are used to create cool and shady places in hot parts of the country. Theme gardens are special kinds of gardens that meet specific needs or interests. Some people would like moon gardens or dye gardens while others prefer curbside gardens. Garden themes are related to a particular style, period or plant group. Botanical gardens are places where plants are cultivated for scientific, educational and ornamental purposes. Plants are categorized and documented for research and conservation. Some botanical gardens are open for public viewing and entertainments are provided while others are kept private Botanists and horticulturists are usually employed by these gardens to tend the flora and maintain their libraries of documented plant materials. Hakone gardens are tranquil places of peace and harmony which originated from Japan. They are characterized by waterfalls dropping into lakes below, hill and pond gardens where worshipping stones are found and meandering pathways adorned with centuries old lanterns along residential style Japanese architecture popular with samurai. They bear influences of Asian culture and traditions. Spiritual gardens included all aspects of physical, psychological and overall healing.

Greenhouses are beautiful and effective year round display areas for plants. They can never be too big and they will always be full. They serve as hibernal playgrounds for your tender charges. Thermostats control heat system and to discourage insects and fungal diseases, temperatures are generally on the low side. Heat regulation is also controlled by actuators which automatically close and open the side and roof panels for ventilation. Plants are watered by hand because automatic irrigation was considered unsightly.

There is a tremendous interest in hummingbird, butterfly and bird gardens for sometime now. Eco-friendly and back to nature garden enthusiasts love this kind of garden. This millennium, people became interested in crafts and Do-It-Yourself projects, thus, craft gardens developed overnight. Dye gardens, herb and fragrant gardens are examples of these. There are so many types of gardens you can create just as long as you are interested and enjoy what you do. Zoological gardens, hydroponics, rain gardens, vertical, walled, and the list could go on and on.

.For small space gardening, window gardens are wonderful ways to enjoy nature. Apartment dwellers resort to this to beautify their spaces. They bring life to their small gardens. Large, outdoor spaces were also converted to gardens for similar or different purposes. A park, a farm, a landscape or an arboretum are public gardens where you can enjoy and have a feel of nature.

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